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Your Honeymoon Vacation

by Scott Free

your honeymoon vacationWoo hoo - the date of your wedding is fixed and now you are thinking about how to make your honeymoon vacation a glorious and romantic trip for two.

You should plan your honeymoon holidays with the same accuracy and thought that goes into your wedding reception guest list. You should take into consideration dozen of factors and details - finance, whether, each other’s wishes and phobias, bridegroom’s shopping allergy, bride’s aerophobia, and, at last, the number of participants (do not laugh — it is not true that honeymoon vacations are only for two, some people do need witnesses of their happiness.)

It can come in very handy beforehand to find the best graceful argument to explain to your future mother-in-law why you do not feel like spending your honeymoon holidays at her splendid house in the country... you know - the place where she was so happy with your bridegroom’s father...

When this head-breaking task is solved, start looking through colorful booklets and price-lists. What would you prefer- mediaeval Europe with Gothic castles? Tropic islands with summer all the year round? Exotic Fiji? Majestic Hawaii? Romantic Greek Islands with island privacy, perfect for romance, or the affordable Caribbean resorts of Sandals? Also you can think about honeymoon cruises on board of a "floating hotel," with fine dining, casinos, pools, dancing and yes, even rock-climbing!

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It is rather difficult to organize your honeymoon holidays by yourself. However, it is possible, if you know preliminary the place you want to travel to, or the language of that country, or you have friends who have already visited that side of the earth and can advise you a good hotel. In case you are not so sure, be reasonable and remind yourself that a honeymoon vacation is not a usual holiday, and you cannot afford any mistakes! Therefore, the best way to organize your honeymoon holidays is to take a help of professionals, that is to call to travel agency.

Travel agencies always have a number of special proposals for wedding tours and honeymoon travel ideas. Beautiful hotels, best resorts, individual itineraries only for your couple. Travel agents will do all the work for you – they will settle all this mess with visas, medical assurance, book air-tickets, reserve rooms in hotel, suggest different sightseeing tours at the place of your staying.

Honeymoon vacations are a real story, even a fairy-tale, a sweet memory for both of you. So try to have such a memorable honeymoon vacation, which you will remember for the whole life and will tell your grand-children about.

About the author...
Scott "Free" Saraniero is the co-founder of The Satelites.