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Wedding Programs

by Scott Free

wedding programsYour wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You want to remember every detail of your special day, whether you're the bride or not, and this can be accomplished through well designed wedding programs. The programs function the same way a flier designed for the theater functions. They help guests anticipate the stages of the ceremony and wedding programs outline the structure of the event.

You can choose wedding programs that reflect your taste and that capture the mood of the ceremony. They can be created by the same organization that designed your invitations. This would present an organized, thematic feel that can be carried all the way through to the thank-you cards. Choosing to order wedding programs that have the same design as your invitations and thank-you notes will create a memorable, cohesive theme for your special day.

Not everyone opts to order their guidebooks. Many a creative bride choose to print their own wedding programs and this can provide a personal touch. They can be designed and printed right on a home computer. If you decide that you want to create personalized programs, check with your church to see if they have stationary that will suit your needs.

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You also want to check with the church to see what you need to include in the fliers. You may want to personalize the guidebooks, but some churches have requirements for what is included in the wedding programs. It is important to keep communication open with the organization that is holding the ceremony. Some churches have a general format while others may be quite strict.

A current trend in wedding programs is the wedding booklet. The booklets include the significant information that is pertinent to the ceremony. It also includes extra information that the bride and groom want to share with their guests. They can include everything from the church procession to the way that the groom proposed to the bride. The booklets are quite a bit longer than the traditional wedding program.

Many brides and grooms are choosing unique presentations for their ceremonies. Some print their wedding programs on paper fans that are distributed to the guests as they arrive. The beautiful fans serve as a wonderful keepsake for the guests as well as the couple. The theme of using fans in the wedding can easily segue into the reception where fans can be used a decorations. Even the napkins can be folded into the fan theme.

Today's bride has more choices than ever before. Remember that the wedding programs are not only for the guests. They serve as a keepsake for the couple and their family. Taking the time to create unique wedding programs that stand the test of time will insure that they will stay with your posterity for years to come.

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Scott "Free" Saraniero is the co-founder of The Satelites.