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Begin With A Wedding Planning Checklist

by Scott Free

Planning a wedding can be very stressful, and everyone needs to be organized properly. The first thing to do is to plan well in advance. They may put together a wedding in one week on the TV soaps but it's not a good idea. Give yourself plenty of time and try to relax. There is a lot to remember, so make a wedding planning checklist and a budget plan. One will work with the other, hopefully in harmony.

Though the bride and groom usually decide on their basic vision of the wedding, it's usually left to the bride's parents to work out the details. Firstly, decide on where you want the ceremony to take place. You may want a traditional church wedding or a civic one. Couples get married in all sorts of wacky places these days, in sports stadiums and on roller coasters. Up mountains and on the beach. Draw up a short list of possibles on your wedding planning checklist, and remember that these places are sometimes booked years in advance.

The venue for the reception will also have to be decided early, although you may decide to have it in a private home. If that's the case, you could hire a marquee or two for the garden. You may want some live music on the day. Try to choose a singer or group that are versatile, then all the guests will be happy.

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This brings us to the guests, who are a vital component of any wedding planning checklist. Decide on who is to be invited, send out the invitations and organize a seating plan. It's not as easy as it sounds, seating plans can cause friction for years to come. Do the best you can, you can't please all of the people all of the time. If you choose a DJ or band for your wedding reception, please remember to seat the older people away from the speakers, where they can hear each other talk. This is often overlooked. Younger wedding guests respond better to the volume of the wedding music, and they often don't sit at their tables - choosing the dance floor or the bar area instead.

Other considerations are the flowers, for the arrangements at the venue and the bridal bouquets. Cars need to be booked to take the various parties to the ceremony. The food for the reception must be decided on, as well as the wedding cake. Exhausted yet? The men need their morning suits, the ladies need their hats and the bride needs her wedding dress, (oh yes, the bridesmaids need their dresses too) It's a satisfying feeling when you start to tick things off your wedding planning checklist, isn't it?

We haven't finished yet! The bride and bridesmaids will want hair appointments at the hair salon and don't forget to arrange the rehearsal dinner. There are just a few things left now on the wedding planning checklist. Presents for the bridesmaids, buckets of confetti, and table center pieces. The couple need to distribute their gift list. After it's all over, it won't just be the bride and groom that need a honeymoon. Of course, you could just hand over the wedding planning checklist to a professional wedding planner. They get paid to stress.

About the author...
Scott "Free" Saraniero is the co-founder of The Satelites.