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Places To Get Married

by Scott Free

places to get married - The Satelites There are almost as many places to get married as there are - well - places. If you research places to get married, you will find options that range from Scottish castles to beaches in Maui. Marriage is such a special occasion, and each of us hope to be among the lucky few who only do it once and have it last for the rest of our lives. As such, it might be worth the effort to find unique places to get married before officially tying the knot. Remember that it is a day that you, your spouse, your family and friends, and anyone else who is there will remember for the rest of your lives.

I've been familiar with the researching of places to get married for quite some time, and I've noticed something interesting. There is this lure of the exotic among the places where people get married that far outweighs the exotic among popular honeymoon destinations. Sure, there are some people who take their honeymoons to the top of Mt. Everest, or the furthest reaches of frozen Siberian tundra, but not very many by my reckoning.

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Looking at the ads for places to get married, you'd think that practically every other couple was going on a jolly jaunt into the heart of the deepest African jungle just to get married. I wonder if this is really true. I mean, where would you hold the reception?

Of course, if far off places to get married is not your style, consider doing it close to home. Even if you want an outdoor wedding surrounded by beautiful scenery, there are still probably places to get married closer to you than you think. There are state parks, quaint country churches, abandoned factories being reclaimed by the inevitable and constant creeping of nature year after year. Whatever it is that most symbolizes the link that you and your partner for life (or at least the next year or so) feel, it should go into your choice of places to get married.

For example, if you are both avid hunting fans, you might put paint ball ranges, or shooting galleries on your list of places to get married. Any of these can be rented out for events for a reasonable fee, and just imagine the fun once the alcohol starts flowing. If you are maritime history buffs, you could even be married on board a real, historical schooner. The possibilities are endless.

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Scott "Free" Saraniero is the co-founder of The Satelites.