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Moving Announcements

by Scott Free

moving announcements - The SatelitesMoving into a new home or apartment is usually a daunting feat. Relocating is often stressful and it is often easy to forget many of the important details associated with making a big life change like this one. Moving announcements are a great organizational tool for people who are relocating to a new address.

The moving announcements are appropriate whether you are moving to a new city or whether you are moving right down the street. The cards do not have to be fancy and you can find many attractive styles that will suit your needs, taste and budget. It is difficult for friends and family to keep track of loved ones who are often on the move, so it is a good idea to keep them informed of your whereabouts.

I missed one of my dearest friend's wedding because I moved without notifying her of my new address. Even though I was listed in the phone book, my friend did not know what city I relocated to and she had no idea where to even start looking. After a few months after I moved I called her to find that she was on her honeymoon. Her mother was happy to hear from me but she wished that I would have sent moving announcements to my friends.

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Since I learned this hard lesson, I have moved several times and each time I made sure to send some kind of note containing my new contact information. However, right before our last move, I discovered a fun way to inform my friends and family about my new home and new address. Moving announcements are an attractive way to tell everyone you know about your new adventure and they are not costly at all.

I did reserve the moving announcements for friends and family. I used the change of address cards provided by the post office to inform credit card companies, utilities and other business contacts. The reason that I chose to do this is because my moving announcements were very festive and very comical. I did not want to send my employer a cartoon or a funny card because I wanted to be professional in the delivery of my new information.

When we moved into our new home, we wanted to have a housewarming party. This was our first home and we thought that our friends and family would like to share in our special occasion. Our moving announcements also functioned as housewarming party invitations. This really made the cards worth the money and time because they served two purposes. We got to informed everyone of our new information and we got to share a special afternoon welcoming friends and family to our new home.

About the author...
Scott "Free" Saraniero is the co-founder of The Satelites.