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Gifts For Your Groomsmen

by Scott Free

Matching Wedding Bands- The SatelitesThe modern groom can have a considerable say in how his wedding will be orchestrated, from deciding on the flavor of the cake to chiming in on suggestions for the location to helping with the flowers. This isn’t always the case of course; some grooms elect to allow their brides and their families to run the show, while others are elbowed out of the process by controlling fiancées. Whatever the case may be, one decision that almost every groom must (and should, for that matter) make is what groomsmen gifts to purchase for his best man and his groomsmen.

Bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts have been around for awhile, and while they may appear at first blush to be unnecessary expenses, your bridesmaids and groomsmen have probably spent a considerable amount of their own time and money on your wedding, so it’s considered good form to give them a little something in return. While one groom may elect to get his best man a little something in addition to the gifts for the rest of the groomsmen, another may give all of the groomsmen the same thing, while a third will get each groomsman a unique gift, what you do is probably best left up to you.

So what do you get as your groomsmen gifts? This depends quite a bit on the makeup of your groomsmen. For example, if they’re all similar in age and taste, you could get a matching gift for all of them as a common bond. One popular, classic gift is the personalized flask, which can be great as a matching gift, with each flask either personalized with something to do with the wedding or personalized for each groomsman.

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Of course, if some of your groomsmen don’t drink, a flask may not be the best choice, just as personalized golf sets don’t work too well for baseball fans. A more thoughtful approach involves getting specialized groomsmen gifts for everybody; maybe a humidor for the cigar smoker, a putter for the golfer, and a poker chip set for the card player. Try to keep the amount spent on everyone roughly equal, but don’t start splitting hairs and lose sleep if one groomsmen gift costs $50 while another runs you $75. It’s unlikely that anyone’s feelings are going to be hurt, and your groomsmen will be appreciative that you took the time to think about what they may want.

About the author...
Scott "Free" Saraniero is the co-founder of The Satelites.



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