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The Truth About Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings

by Scott Free

Cubic Zirconia engagement rings- The Satelites

Purchasing a diamond engagement ring can be one of the biggest expenses a young man will face. With tradition stating that he should be spending two months salary on a ring for his fiancee it can be more than many men can financially handle.

When a new couple is just beginning their lives together they often need to mindful of where their dollars are going. For those who want the beauty of a diamond without paying the price they should consider looking at Cubic Zirconia engagement rings.

Cubic Zirconia engagement rings are beautiful. They closely resemble diamonds but only a fraction of the cost.

It's possible to buy Cubic Zirconia engagement rings in many of the same settings as diamond engagement rings. You can even purchase stunning Cubic Zirconia engagement rings with a solitaire stone. The best part is that no one will know you aren't wearing a diamond.

When it's time to get engaged and you start thinking about the ring realistically consider how much you can spend. Although every groom wants to spend as much as he can on the ring of his bride's dreams - it's not always possible.

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It's important to consider what else you could be directing that money towards. Perhaps it's a down payment on a new home or a honeymoon. If the diamond engagement ring you have dreamt of is holding you back from fulfilling other dreams, then seriously consider a Cubic Zirconia.

Like traditional diamond rings, Cubic Zirconia engagement rings can be purchased in either gold or silver settings. Although gold has long been the most popular choice, many brides are now seeing the beauty and versatility of sterling silver.

If you have already browsed the Cubic Zirconia engagement rings at a few jewelry stores you might consider having one custom made. This can be a wonderful idea for a couple who is creative and has a particular vision in mind for their engagement and wedding rings.

When you do custom order an engagement ring you can have it designed in exactly the way you like. The stones can be the size of your choosing as well as the setting and the thickness of the band. Many couples decide to have the engagement ring and their wedding bands all custom designed at the same time.

Cubic Zirconia engagement rings are an affordable and attractive choice for today's couples. Remember that no one will ever know that the ring you are sporting is anything but a genuine diamond.

About the author...
Scott "Free" Saraniero is the co-founder of The Satelites.