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Entertainment Related Articles of Interest

In this section we will try to post articles of interest in our related field. The Satelites are the Tri-State area's premier dance and party band since 1985 and have been performing in clubs, private parties, corporate parties, special events, and weddings. We have gathered a great deal of experience and advice, and hopefully we can pass on somethings of interest to you through this section.

Many brides (and some grooms too) are looking for advice in any number of areas. They say that every little girl always dreams about her wedding day. It's funny how as that dream day becomes a reality... well events start to move way too fast. Is the wedding day really for the bride and room? - or their parents? - or their guests? Every wedding is unique and there is never a totally "right" or "wrong" way to plan an event as special and personal in your lives as your wedding day.

Weddings have become a "big business." That can be good and bad for you - depending on the people you choose to hire. Most true professionals are worth their weight in gold, but it always pays to check them out in advance - get some references.

The Satelites can start by offering you our sincerest best wishes. We have performed at hundreds of weddings over the years and, through our experiences that we've been through and witnessed, we feel we can put forth a few helpful suggestions - some things to think about - some things to plan for- some things to look out for. It can be a great amount of work to make your wedding day the day you want it to be, but with proper planning, this "work" can pay off with a day that you will remember for the rest of your lives with many smiles.


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